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                               Practice Areas

Accounting and Business Development Services


We can help you develop a system that will be your guide to increased profits. Your accounting system should be able to provide you with current, relevant, reliable information about your financial position, results of operations, and cash flow.


We will design a system that will keep this information at your fingertips.


Do you need financial statements for your Company? We will prepare reports that you can rely on for managing your business, or, to provide to a bonding company or a bank for loan applications.

Corporate, Partnership and LLC Taxes


Business taxes are changing drastically. We will keep you up to date about tax laws that are important to your business. We are here to help you plan for your business taxes so surprises are avoided.


We prepare:

  • Corporate Taxes

  • Partnership Taxes

  • LLC Tax reporting

  • Payroll and Sales Tax

Personal Income Tax Planning and Preparation


Consultation and tax planning services are available to aid in your navigation of the recent tax law changes. Your personal income taxes require so much more than just plugging numbers into a program for the April 15th filing.


Our goal is to interview you to be certain that all available tax deductions and credits are considered. Part of our service of preparing your tax returns includes planning for next year.


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