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Our Team
More than 25 Years of Service Together

Ronald W. Thorn

Certified Public Accountant


Ron has been working in the accounting field for over 30 years.  We have extensive experience working with construction contractors in all trades, homeowners associations, as well as business owners in the medical, dental and legal professions, pharmacies, entertainment venues and restaurants. Please see the "Practice Areas" page for more information about how we serve our clients.


Linda Warren

Linda is a customer service expert. She handles correspondence with the taxing agencies, as well as accounting, bookkeeping, QuickBooks training and payroll services for many of our clients. Linda is our Certified Payroll specialist.

Our Services


Accounting, business consulting and income tax services for small and mid-size businesses, and planning for and preparation of personal income taxes.  We serve clients in the Hudson Valley area, Westchester and New York City





Contact Us



Ronald W. Thorn, CPA

90 Crystal Run Rd, Suite 103

Middletown, NY 10941


Our focus is on service to businesses striving to improve, increase their profits, understand their costs, and plan for tax matters and retirement.

Services That We Do Not Provide

In many ways, the decision to not provide accounting services to certain areas of specialization is just as important to us as those that we choose to serve. For example, we will not audit a school district or municipality. It is our contention that those engagements are best left to the professionals that work in those fields everyday.



Retirement Planning

So business is strong and successful. That's grand! Are you maximizing your tax savings by moving money into a retirement fund? Which type of retirement plan will help you get the best deduction? Which plan fits your current budget? What will you do if your company outgrows your current plan? There are many options available. Some may have unavoidable administrative costs, but give you an opportunity to save much more in your retirement each year. Will the benefit exceed the cost? Others have no administration costs, but they have lower limits for yearly contributions. Whether it is a 401(k), an IRA Simple, Roth, or even a Profit Sharing Plan, we will help you understand your choices.


Even a small business, or a company with only a few employees can benefit significantly by setting up a no admin cost IRA Simple plan. Consider the benefits of a loyal employee (priceless). Offering an IRA Simple will help your employee plan and save for their future, while the only cost to the employer is a matching contribution to the employee's retirement of no more than 3% of the salary.


"Please don't get your business or tax advice from a website (Not even this one). Please consider contacting our office for advice specific for your situation and needs."

Ron Thorn

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If you are not finding the answers you need, please call our office. We will be happy to help.

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